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  • 85" maximum unwind diameter
  • 58" maximum rewind diameter
  • 74" maximum width
  • Adhesive or Wax Laminate
  • Nonwovens, Tissue, Kraft, chipboard, Linerboard, Film

Bond with Nichols for your laminating requirements. Nichols Laminating will join together a wide variety of material substrates via Adhesive - overall, spot or strip applications, and Wax lamination processes. Create dual or multi-ply laminations of flat or creped papers, linerboard or chipboard, nonwovens and film, or various combintations of materials. Multi-ply laminations add add strengthening, protective, moisture barrier or grease-proofing properties to end product applications. Custom Laminating at Nichols will meet your most specialized needs.


  • Nonwovens
  • Tissue
  • Kraft
  • Chip
  • Polyethylene