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Sheeting & Die-Cutting

  • 65" maximum unwind diameter
  • 12" - 205" sheet length
  • Punch press Die-Cut
  • 28" x 40" maximum size
  • Nonwovens, Kraft, Chipboard & Linerboard

The sheets are stacked and cut in your favor at Nichols Paper Products. Nichols Sheeting converting services will accommodate up to 65" web widths, with the capability of cut-off's from 12" to 205". A variety of basis weight papers from 30 to 275 pounds are efficiently processed to your specifications. Nichols Die-cutting will produce die-cut and / or scored products from our 60 Ton Punch Press, with the capability to process single sheet papers up to 1200 pounds basis weight and maximum dimensions of 28" x 40".