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Contour Fiberboard Tubes

Contour fiberboard forms are the ideal base material for furniture, speaker, display and p.o.p. manufacturers. They offer the perfect blend of strength and style to your products and often times prove to be more versatile than wood in meeting your design challenges.

Our geometric forms help reduce production costs by eliminating the need to hand-fabricate shapes. Plus, they can replace costly wood components and give you a durable, light-weight base on which to build.

Contour forms are fabricated by convolute winding and gluing our specification board onto forming mandrels of various shapes and sizes. Common shapes include rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, hexagons and quarter-rounds. There is also a wide variety of other unique configurations.

Fiberboard forms can be glued, stapled, nailed and drilled. Contour's radius corners are often used to produce rounded corners for furniture, displays and office partitions. The forms provide an excellent base for high-pressure laminates, veneers, paint, lacquers and fabrics. When properly prepared, it can be plastered.

The standard length of fiberboard forms is 62", although lengths of 65", 56" and 54" are available if you require. Other lengths are available upon special order. Standard wall calipers are 0.360", 0.420" and 0.480". Wall calipers can be specified by the customer in multiples of 0.030".

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