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Printed Papers


  • Three Flexographic Wide Web Presses
  • One to Six Colors
  • Flood Coating
  • 85" maximum unwind diameter
  • 58" maximum rewind diameter
  • 74" maximum print width
  • Repeat incrementally from 12" to 38"
  • Nonwovens, Tissue, Kraft, Chipboard, Linerboard, Film

Ink your best deal with Nichols Paper Products.

For over 35 years Nichols has provided its customers with private label identity and customized print of up to four colors on wide-web, flexographic presses. A new central impression, flexographic press now adds six-color process and line color printing capability, with tight tolerances for repeat print and color-to-color registration. Multiple repeat print capabalities through a range of 12" to 38" means versatility in meeting customer printing requirements. Environmentally conscious water based inks are utilized in Nichols printing processes, with the ability to print on virtually any surface from papers and tissues to nonwoven and film substrates. Computerized ink formulating assures precise PMS color matching or custom colors blending. Nichols Printing provides single to six-color, high quality and cost effective - short or long run productions.


  • Flexographic web
  • 74" maximum web width
  • Up to 6 color printing
  • Flood coat printing
  • Kraft papers
  • Bleached papers
  • Creped papers
  • Polycoated papers
  • Nonwovens
  • Tissue
  • Toweling
  • Chipboard
  • Linerboard
  • Your material
  • Custom designs
  • Instructions or warnings
  • on product wrappers
  • Inexpensive advertising


  • Anilox roll wrap
  • Auto parts bags
  • Bar rags
  • Brass parts
  • Bundle wrap
  • Butter wrappers
  • Candy wrappers
  • Coils of aluminum wrap
  • Coils of steel wrap
  • Cough drop wrappers
  • Dish cloths
  • Dress shields
  • Fabric interleavers
  • Floral wrap
  • Floral sleeves
  • Garment covers
  • Gum wrappers
  • Gummed tape
  • Hanger capes
  • Industrial roll wrap
  • Lightpole wrap
  • Military spec paper
  • Package wrap
  • Place mats
  • Ream wrap
  • Roofing roll wrap
  • Rubber roll wrap
  • Skid liner
  • Spiral wrap
  • Table covers
  • Tissue overwrap