The Better Base to Build On

Contour fiberboard forms are fabricated by convolute winding and gluing of a special fiberboard material onto various forming mandrels.

Fiberboard Forms are the ideal base material for:  furniture, speaker, display, kiosk, and POP manufacturers.

They offer the perfect blend of strength and style to your products – and often prove to be more versatile than wood in meeting your design challenges:

  • Strong, lightweight fiberboard forms serve as a cost-effective alternative to wood base components.
  • Ideal for use with high-pressure laminates, paints, lacquers and fabrics.
  • Versatile standard and custom shapes and sizes available.

Geometric forms help reduce production costs by eliminating the need to hand fabricate shapes.  They can replace costly wood components and provide you with a durable, lightweight base on which to build.

Standard Length:  56” and 62”.

Standard Calipers:  .360”, .420”, and .480.”

Special orders:  Custom forms can be produced to meet your exact specifications.

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