Custom Printed Tissue Paper – What’s Inside the Box?


Online retailers that sell and ship physical products understand the importance and value of extending the brand experience from their online presence to their packaging.

After all, the moment the customer receives, opens, and unboxes his or her order, is a crucial marketing opportunity for your company.

This moment is a significant touch point and opportunity to:

  • Make a positive and lasting first impression
  • Create an attractive and impressive packaging presentation
  • Enhance the overall buying and unboxing experience
  • Positively impact the customer perception of the products value
  • Build a brand and cultivate brand loyalty
  • Set your company apart from your competitors
  • Encourage word of mouth advertising
  • Plant the seeds for repeat sales

Branded Packaging, especially the packaging inside the box, helps create that positive and memorable unboxing experience and provides you an opportunity to showcase your product.

What’s the Brand Packaging Experience You Want for Your Customers?


The Two Most Important Benefits of Custom Printed Tissue

The two primary reasons to choose custom printed tissue paper:  Product Protection and Brand Promotion.

Product Protection

Custom printed tissue is the perfect solution for packing, wrapping, as void fill, and interleaving.  They are ideal for box stuffing, cushioning and cradling your products through harsh shipping conditions.

Brand Promotion

The quality of this paper combined with a quality of your printed logo provide your customers with an elegant packaging presentation and unboxing experience.

Custom print your logo, brand message, or design of choice on high quality white tissue paper.

Custom Printed Tissue Paper is ideally used for:

Packaging Protection Protect fragile items such as glassware, dishes, electronics, and other breakables during shipment.
Gift Tissue Product protection with an elegant presentation.  Ideal for retail packaging, upscale products, and making an impression with your packaging.
Bulk Packaging Product protection with a soft feel.  Use as void fill, filler paper, and bulk packaging protection.
Interleaving Interleave sheets for use between two sensitive surfaces to prevent rubbing, scratching, and abrasion.


Print Options Print your 1 or 2 color design of choice
Solid colors – Flood Coat Prints
Pantone Color Matches
Bleach MG Tissue 15# and 18#
Lead Time 3 Weeks from approval of proof
Availability Custom Sized Sheets and Rolls


Let’s Get Started…

Contact Nichols Paper today to start your custom printed tissue project.

You will work with a dedicated account executive who will guide your project step by step – from your initial quote, art review & proof, printing, and delivery.

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Order Instructions

Your FREE – NO obligation quote is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Choose Tissue Option: 15#, and 18#.
  2. Choose Sheets or Rolls and product dimensions:

                                               Roll Information

Item Number       Roll Size    Colors    Basis Weight
R-1512      12″ X 1100′       1-2       15 lbs
R-1514      14″ X 1100′       1-2       15 lbs
R-1518      18″ X 1100′       1-2       15 lbs
Item Number       Roll Size    Colors     Basis Weight
R-1812      12″ X 1100′      1-2        18 lbs
R-1814      14″ X 1100′      1-2        18 lbs
R-1818      18″ X 1100′      1-2        18 lbs

Note: Over/under run +/- 10%                       Freight Not Included

                                               Sheet Information

Item Number      Sheet Size    Colors     Basis Weight
S-1520        15″ X 20″      1-2        15 lbs
S-1530        20″ X 30″      1-2        15 lbs
S-1536        24″ X 36″      1-2        15 lbs
Item Number     Sheet Size    Colors    Basis Weight
S-1820         15″ X 20″       1-2        18 lbs
S-1830         20″ X 30″       1-2        18 lbs
S-1836         24″ X 36″       1-2        18 lbs

Note: Over/under run +/- 10%                                    Freight Not Included

  1. Email us your Artwork File: Adobe Illustrator Vector Art is preferred: .eps, .pdf, .ai, or .jpg.  Include artwork instructions and color information – Pantone Matching System.

Email your order information and artwork file to

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