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Inside-The-Box Brand Packaging Solutions

Custom Printed Tissue and Kraft Paper

Brand Packaging Experience

As an eCommerce retailer that sells and ships physical products, you understand the importance and value of extending your brand experience from your online presence to your packaging.

The moment your customer receives, opens, and unboxes their order, is a crucial marketing opportunity for your company.

This moment is a significant touchpoint and opportunity to:

  • Make a positive and lasting first impression
  • Build your brand
  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Set your company apart from your competitors
  • Encourage word of mouth advertising
  • Plant the seeds for repeat sales

Branded Packaging, especially the packaging inside the box, helps create that positive and memorable unboxing experience and provides you an opportunity to showcase your product. 

Tissue Paper and Kraft Paper, custom printed with your logo or brand message, are two excellent examples of inside the box packaging your company can use to wrap and protect the products you ship to your customers.

Custom printing your logo takes this packaging a step further and helps you to establish a personal connection with your customers, make a statement, and create a lasting impression with customers who generally only interact with your brand via your website.

Branded packaging helps you promote your brand, WOW your customers, stand apart from your competitors, and create an impact for your product with an impressive presentation.

Branded Packaging is Another Opportunity to Tell Your Brand Story


Every business wants to improve customer satisfaction…so what better way to make a positive impact and impression than with your Branded Packaging Presentation.

The bottom line – A positive customer experience when unboxing your product, can be a key brand differentiator in separating your company from your competition. 

What Will Your Customer Experience When They Unbox Your Product?


Is Your Product Ready for the Unboxing Video Phenomena?

In addition to the customer experience, online retailers have been paying close attention to how consumers are posting “Unboxing Videos” on line. 

Have you seen these videos? 

In these videos, a new customer will pull out a smart phone and record his experience receiving and unboxing of a product he recently purchased online.  He will then critique and comment on his impressions and then post that video.   

                     It is quite common for your customer to critique the appearance of the box and                               the packaging inside the box as they record their experience.


Think about that.  This is your brand.  Posted online for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of prospective customers to see. 

How your customer shares his or her unboxing experience and recommendations with family, friends, and coworkers can also have an impact on your business.

Not only are unboxing videos popular, there are entire channels on dedicated to customers uploading their unboxing videos.

Can you see how this is an incredible opportunity to promote your products and your business?

And the people watching these videos?  They could be your next customers. 

The people watching unboxing videos are researching a potential purchase.  They are in a “Shopping Mode”, and are ready to buy your product…

This can be quite the exposure for your product and your brand. 

If you think it’s time to upgrade your unboxing experience…now is a good time to start!

What’s the Brand Packaging Experience You Want for Your Customers?


What’s Inside the Box?

An important area of focus for your branded packaging starts with the paper used to wrap and protect your products inside the box.

And when it comes to Inside-The-Box packaging, you need to look for two things:  product protection and brand promotion.

Product Protection 

  Custom printed tissue and Kraft paper are two great options for packing, wrapping,  

  as void fill, and interleaving.  They are ideal for box stuffing, cushioning and

  cradling your products through harsh shipping conditions.

Brand Promotion

  The quality of these papers combined with a quality of your printed logo provide your

  customers with an elegant packaging presentation and unboxing experience.

Protect and promote.  With Tissue Paper and Kraft Paper – you have two quality packaging options for product protection and product promotion when shipping your products.

Protect & Promote with Custom Printed Tissue and Kraft Papers                        

Tissue Paper

Packaging Protection Protect fragile items such as glassware, dishes, electronics, and other breakables during shipment. 
Gift Tissue Product protection with an elegant presentation.  Ideal for   retail packaging, upscale products, and making an impression with your packaging.
Bulk Tissue Paper Product protection with a soft feel.  Use as void fill, filler paper, and bulk packaging protection.
Interleave Interleave sheets for use between two sensitive surfaces to  prevent rubbing, scratching, and abrasion.
Print Options Print your 1 to 2 color design of choice
Pantone Color Matching
Lead Time 3 Weeks
Availability Custom Sized Sheets and Rolls.

Kraft Paper

 Kraft paper is the industry standard for packing, wrapping, void fill and packaging. 

Wrapping Ideal for covering boxes, wrapping products, and packing.
Void Fill Economical void fill for packaging.
Interleave Prevent scratching between two surfaces.
Print Options Print your 1 to 2 color design of choice
Solid colors – Flood Coat Prints
Pantone Color Matching
Paper Weight 30lb, 40lb, 50lb, and 60lb
Paper Options Bleach or Natural Kraft Papers
Lead Time 3 Weeks
Availability Custom Sized Sheets and Rolls


About Nichols Paper

Nichols Paper is your premier provider of custom printed packaging. 

Since 1951, Nichols Paper has been an industry leader in providing customized printing and packaging solutions to companies in a wide range of markets and applications.

We understand that your project is important, unique, and requires a customized solution to produce a quality product and achieve the results you need. 

Our approach begins with a conversation.  A conversation in which we take the time to listen, learn, and understand your project goals and needs.

From there we provide you with options, solutions, and a road map forward and successfully guide your project to completion.

We are here to guide you at every stage of your print project.


Get Started with Branded Packaging Today…

Custom print your logo, message, or brand on your choice of two high quality packaging papers:

  • Tissue Paper
  • Natural or Bleach Kraft Paper

Contact Nichols Paper  

You will work with a dedicated Account Executive who will:

  1. Review your requirements and customize a print and packaging solution to your exact specifications.
  1. Provide you with a custom quote. Since your project is unique and will be custom printed, we will provide you with a quote and project time line. 
  1. Oversee and guide your print project, every step of the way.


Contact Nichols Paper at 920.833.6895 or and get started.

We’ll create a brand packaging solution designed to WOW your customers and Tell Your Brand Story…



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