Moisture Resistant Packaging Solutions

Moisture Resistant Packaging Solutions

Moisture resistant packaging is an important option for your protective packaging requirements and overall strategic packaging initiatives.

Few options, if any, surpass the superior moisture protection of waxed papers, or as it is sometimes referred to – industrial wax paper.

Kraft paper, strengthened with wax, provide some of the most effective moisture resistant and nonabrasive properties you can use to protect your products from water, moisture, grease, and oil.

Waxed papers provide superior protection by ensuring product integrity during manufacture, storage, and shipment.


Waxed papers nonabrasive qualities are ideal as a moisture barrier interleave, for pallet liners, skid liners, packaging paint & powder coated parts, wrapping bearings and CNC machined parts, as an overwrap, and applications that require grease and oil resistance.

Two Types of Waxed Papers

When selecting the waxed paper for your application, there are two choices to select from:

     Wet Wax – the process in which the wax coating is applied to the surface of one or both sides of the paper.  The wax creates a smooth              surface on the paper and has that shiny glossy look.

     Dry Wax – the process in which wax is impregnated into the paper and leaves no surface residue.

Wet wax versus dry wax.  Your use of wet wax or dry wax depends on the application and whether you have any concerns with surface residue from the wax.

Wax Lamination

In addition to waxed papers, you can also choose to laminate two substrates together for increasing the strength and adding a moisture resistant barrier.

Wax lamination is the process of bonding two substrates and adding a moisture resistant barrier using wax rather than glue.

Wax lamination provides similar adhesive strength as standard laminating glues with the extra benefit of additional water resistance and protection for your application.

Custom Solutions

Partnering directly with a manufacturer of waxed packaging, such as Nichols Paper Products Company, allows you options for creating a solution custom tailored to your specific need(s).

Options for you to consider include:

Type of paper – Natural or Bleach Kraft Paper

Basis Weight of Paper – 30#, 40#, or 60#

Amount of wax needed – the amount of waxed is based on the lbs added to 3000 square feet of paper.

Example – On 40# Natural Kraft Paper, we add 5# of wax to both sides bringing the total weight of the paper to 50#

Rolls or Sheets

Product Dimensions

Let Us Take A Look at Your Project

If you are ready to use industrial wax papers as part of your packaging needs, contact us today at 920.833.6895 or

We will take a look at your application and requirements, can custom tailor a Moisture Resistant Packaging Solution specifically for you.

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