Custom Printed Roll Wrap Packaging

Grow your business with packaging custom printed with your logo and company information

Machined parts, rollers, weldments, and other metal fabrications require special packaging for protection from sunlight, moisture, and to ensure cleanliness during shipping and storage.

CNC machine shops, roller manufacturers, and metal fabricators understand that packaging and wrapping of finished parts, rollers, and weldments is an important component for successfully delivering a quality finished product to their clients.

Your machined parts and rollers are the best in the market…does your packaging reflect that?

In other words…when your client receives your parts or rollers, does your packaging reflect the high-quality products that you provide?

There is another thing to consider.  Are you using your packaging to promote your company?

Wrapping your products in packaging custom printed with your logo is highly effective for creating a positive customer experience, advertising, building your brand, and generating repeat business.

Are you effectively marketing and promoting your business?

You can, and custom printed roll wrap packaging will help…

Deliver your products in packaging with a high-quality print featuring your business name, logo, and other designs of your choice.  You will significantly improve the presentation of your company to your customer, build top of mind awareness, and generate repeat business.

Custom printed roll wrap packaging is a highly effective tool for marketing and promoting your business…

From concept through final delivery, customize your packaging with Nichols Paper.  We’ll guide you step by step on your way to the highest quality custom printed packaging for your business.


 Deliver an impressive presentation of your products and enhance the overall experience your customers receive from your company at every sale.


Turn your packaging into a powerfully effective sales and marketing tool for advertising & promoting your company.


Build your brand identity and enhance your image and presentation to your customers with every order.


Turn every sale into another opportunity to market your business for future orders.

Your Packaging Solution

To provide you with the best packaging for your business needs, we custom print and manufacture your packaging to your exact specifications.

Your custom packaging starts with a high-quality print.  We can print your logo, business information, website address, safety instructions, and other designs of your choice onto high quality, durable, Kraft paper.

Paper options:  Bleach (white) or natural (brown) Kraft paper.

Color options:  1-4 colors & PMS color matches available.

To give your packaging strength, we can laminate your choice of clear or black polyethylene (poly) to the paper.

  • Laminating poly to your packaging provides you with an extra layer of strength and serves as a barrier from moisture.
  • The use of black poly will further protect your products from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays from sunlight.

  Laminating options:

  1. Clear poly on the front side of the wrap over of the print only, the back side only, or both sides.
  2. Black poly on the back side only.
  3. Clear poly on front over the print and black poly on the back (recommended).

Roll Wrap Options

We customize your wrap to your specifications.  Please choose from the following options:

•  Paper:  White or Brown (natural) Kraft Paper.

 • Colors:  1-4 colors & PMS color match.

•  Polyethylene Film Options:  Laminate the

outside, inside, or both sides of the wrap with

Clear or Black Film.  Solid Laminate only.

•  Roll Dimensions:  We customize your wrap to

your exact requirements:  width & length.



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