Early Supplier Involvement

Early Supplier Involvement

A Key Component of Your New Product Development Strategy

There is power in an old saying… “When is NOW the right time to get started?”.  It is somewhat cliché, but it is a statement designed to illicit the importance of starting any endeavor early on- as in now.

And nowhere else is there more truth and power in such a statement than in new product development.

The world of manufacturing new products is changing rapidly.  Products are being designed, made, and used, in new ways, which means bringing a new product to market quickly and efficiently can be a challenge.

One key step in your strategy is to proactively integrate suppliers into the new product development cycle early in the process.

The primary benefit of early supplier integration is during the concept and design phase.  Supplier involvement at this phase is very valuable in proving out product design & intent, and creating a manufacturing plan.

Early integration with suppliers also helps you confirm that your capacity, quality, delivery, volume demands, inventory, and lead time requirements can be achieved.

Additional benefits include initial testing, extensive product testing, and the performance of trial and small production runs.  Involvement at these stages will ultimately result in having a supplier ready to meet your production requirements.

Because of years of experience providing customized printing and converting services, Nichols Paper has worked extensively with many Fortune 500, mid-size, small, and startup companies at every phase of new product development, including:

  • Initial idea, concept, and design
  • Test and trial
  • Short and long run production
  • Strategic sourcing and supply chain solutions

Nichols Paper is an industry leader in providing value added flexographic printing and converting solutions to companies in a wide range of markets and applications.  Our converting capabilities include laminating, creping, waxing, slitting & rewinding, roll restoration, sheeting, and contour fiberboard forms.

We understand that your project is important, unique, and requires a customized solution to produce a quality product and achieve the results you need.

Our approach begins with a conversation.  A conversation in which we take the time to listen, learn, and understand your project goals and needs.

From there, we provide you with options, solutions, and a road map forward and successfully guide your project to completion.

Start your conversation with us today.  Let us evaluate your project and determine the path forward…

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